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What can I expect as a new patient?

All patients will be seen by our Orthoptist first for their initial assessment and for the administering of dilation drops. This will assist the doctor in performing a thorough examination. The assessment by the Orthoptist is included in the consultation fee, there is no extra charge. All consultations can take up to 2 hours.

What to bring to the appointment?

You must bring a referral letter, your medicare card, pension card if applicable, any prescription glasses that you may have, and preferably a list of medications.

Why do I need a referral and who can refer me?

Without a referral you are unable to get money back from Medicare. A referral letter can be obtained from your General Practitioner, Optometrist, or another Specialist.

Why does the appointment take so long?

A full eye assessment consists of several steps. After registering and lodging personal details with our reception staff, one of our orthoptists will perform the initial phase of your examination. Orthoptists are university trained paramedical staff skilled in the assessment of eye disease. A detailed history will be taken and your vision measured. Any other preliminary testing is done at this stage by the orthoptist. This can range from complex colour and depth perception analysis in children to formal visual field testing. The orthoptist will then decide if your eyes need to be dilated and instill these drops as necessary. These drops may take up to an hour to work adequately. One of our eye specialists will then examine your eyes and integrate your initial results for diagnosis and management.

What are dilating drops?

Often your eye specialist requires your eyes to be “dilated” to perform a comprehensive examination of the nerve tissues at the back of the eyes. These drops will usually be instilled during the early phase of the examination and can take 15-60 minutes to work. They enlarge the pupil (the black central part of the front of the eye) and can blur your vision for several hours. If your vision is blurred you may not be allowed to drive for several hours and you will be a little more glare sensitive.

Can I get money back from Medicare and my Health Fund?

If you have a current referral you are entitled to a rebate from Medicare for the consultation. Medicare will also rebate some of the cost of treatments received in our rooms. Some of the important diagnostic tests are still awaiting full rebate approval, but a rebate may be available in certain circumstances (for example Veteran Affairs patients).You cannot claim in-room consultations through your health fund, only in-hospital procedures.

How do I settle my account?

We ask that you settle your account at the end of your consultation. We accept cash, cheques made out to your consulting doctor, EFTPOS, Bankcard, MasterCard and Visa Card.

What is an Orthoptist?

Orthoptists are university trained, allied health care practitioners who specialise in disorders of eye movements and diagnostic procedures related to disorders of the eye and visual system.At EEC, our Orthoptists assess vision and the need for glasses, measure the power of the current glasses worn, measure the pressure within the eye, measure the field of vision ie peripheral vision, measure the length and shape of the eye before cataract surgery and discuss the surgery with the patient, examine and assess the shape of the cornea, and assist in minor procedures, and perform technical tests to aid the Ophthalmologist in the diagnosis and best treatment for your eye condition.