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Dacryocystorhinostomy For Blocked Tear Ducts (DCR), Postoperative Care

Avoid straining and nose blowing.  Use ice packs over the nose for the first 48 hours.  There will be stitches on the side of your nose, which will be removed at your first post-operative visit.  Apply Chlorsig ointment to the wound three times a day.  The paper strips, which cover the wound will fall off by themselves after 1-3 days.  It is normal to have some bleeding from the nose during the first few days after surgery.  If your nose is bleeding, press on the wound and bridge of the nose with ice packs.  If you are concerned about excessive bleeding ring the doctor on their after hours number or in the event that you cannot reach her, proceed to the nearest Emergency Department.

You may notice the silicon to be in the corner of your eye or you may feel it in your nose.  Do not pull it or poke at it.  While this tube is in place you may still be experiencing tearing.  Use FESS Spray every two hours for the first week to keep the nose from crusting.  After the first week, reduce this to four times a day until the tube is removed.  Alternatively, to rinse the nose, use a sinkful of warm water with one teaspoon each of bi-carbonate soda and salt.  Cup some of this fluid in your hand and sniff it into your nose then blow gently.  Repeat this until your nose feels clear.  Be very gentle during the first week after surgery.  Use Beconase spray twice a day for 6 weeks to reduce inflammation in the nose.

You may notice when you sneeze or blow your nose, a puff of air comes out of the tear passage at the corner of your eye – this is normal.  If it bothers you, close your eyes tightly and/or place a finger over the corner of your eye when you sneeze or blow.


  • Ice packs for 48 hours
  • Apply Chlorsig ointment to the wounds 3 times a day
  • SML drops to the operated eye 4 times a day
  • FESS Spray every 2 hours for 1 week, then 4 times a day
  • Beconase spray to the operated site 2 times a day