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Eyelid Surgery – Ptosis And Blepharoplasties Postoperative Care

  • Use an ice cold compress:
    • Today – at least every hour for 10 minutes
    • Tomorrow – 4 times a day for 15 minutes
      (the ice packs help to minimize bruising and swelling)
    • Use warm compresses thereafter to help any bruising and swelling to resolve more quickly.
  • You may have some spotting of blood after your surgery.  You should call us if it becomes excessive (ie soaking of tissues continuously).
  • Keep the wound dry for 24 hours.
  • Be careful when washing your face or having a shower.  Do not rub the operated area.  Light dabbing is acceptable.
  • Use Chlorsig ointment to the wounds 3 times a day.
  • As you have just had eyelid surgery, you should expect some bruising, swelling and irritation.  If your eyes feel gritty, this usually resolves within 24-48 hours.
  • Leave the paper strips on the wound for as long as possible.  Before removing them, it is best to soak them with a warm wet face washer, so they can be peeled off without pulling the skin.  The strips usually start to fall off in 1-3 days.
  • To reduce bleeding you should avoid vigorous physical activities for 1 week.  Do not swim or do heavy lifting for 2 weeks.
  • For pain take:  Panadol, Panadeine or Panamax.
    DO NOT TAKE Aspirin, Solprin, Disprin or Nurofen.